Water wallpapers

Water covers about 71% of the Earth's surface. About 97% of water is found in oceans and seas. The freshwater counts for less than 3%. Of that amount, about 99% is found underground and in frozen water. That leaves tiny percentage of the total amount of water accessible to people.

Water boils at 100 °C (212 °F).

It is often associated to life because there is no life without water. Because of what it represents, water is involved in many political conflicts and wars. As populations grow, the demand for water tends to increase creating more conflicts.

About the Water wallpaper gallery

The Water wallpaper gallery contains images or photos that can be downloaded for free and used as background on your computer, desktop or mobile device.

The Water wallpaper gallery contains 18 high quality wallpapers. This wallpaper gallery is a sub-gallery of the Element wallpaper gallery. This gallery includes the following topics: Foam hitting the beach, Rocky forest beach, Sky seen through the dew of a window, Small wave patterns on water, Rocky shore fading into the water, End of the day reflecting on the shore, Sky reflecting on calm water, Reflection on the water in the shadows of trees, Pink sunset light in the pool, Coin distortion, Weird water, Misty sun reflexion, Unreal blue water waves, Foam in winter, Water caustics on the rocks, Silver water drop condensation, Water waves deforming the sunset, Detailed structure of water waves.

All desktop wallpapers in the Water wallpaper gallery are free for your personal use.

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